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Find the hyperlinked word/s corresponding to your number.

Create an image to replace the current hyperlinked image, according to the following constraints


This picturesque/surreal piece of writing by Borges conveys place, drama and time, real objects are described alongside felt emotions, the text bristles with sonic implications which will be interesting to explore and extract. The design students have been set the task of interpreting this text as image. The images will be presented on a website illustrating the text. We are also going to produce a more dynamic display with sound and the designed images as a way to introduce the cohort to Macromedia Director and to explore narrative in some other ways. There are 5 sound engineers in this project: Matthew Trustram, Henirk Ekeus, Eva Michalaki, Bo Ding and Boris Dimitrov.

You are going to record the text as narration for the images and also produce a sound track that loops in the background. This project will probably work best if you divide into two groups however, you should be careful to set sensible sound levels in relation to each other before you submit the sounds for inclusion in the director presentation. For example, the background loop should be consistently the same (lowish) volume in comparison with the foreground sound of the voice which should be much clearer and distinct. (The voice may benefit from some reverberation to give a sense of atmosphere and place which complements the text)

Creating the looped file

This sound file will last from around 30 seconds to 2 minutes, and will loop imperceptibly, conveying a sense of the whole without following it word for word. The loop will play throughout the presentation. You can use sounds from the sound library already created or you can make new recordings on the street with the OKM headphone microphones and a minidisk recorder. Name this file loop.aif

Recording the text

Divide the text up into 30 parts, (one for each image) so that it corresponds roughly to the division of images given to the Design students. More than one person can read the text, you have to decide if it works best with just one voice or if the text can withstand alternate voices/personae.
Save each sound byte as a mono .aif file named simply 1.aif, 2.aif, 3.aif etc up to 30.aif. and put these sounds in a folder (to be specified).
When you read the text out loud, take your time over every word, there is no need to rush. Keep the microphone close to the mouth but also be careful not to get breath or wind pops on the mic as you do it. Positioning the mic just to the right or to the left of the mouth will help this. Give some time for a fade in and a fade out for each sound bite before you bounce it to mono .aif files.