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NEoN 2011

January 20th, 2012

See what else Raz gets up to (you may notice former Sound Design student Jung in Jung here somewhere);


January 19th, 2012

Fiona Keenan’s submission to the Science Museum’s OraMIX competition – oramics.herokuapp.com/, good luck Fiona, hope they pick you.

Let Us Go Further With Tape by fiona keenan

Dave House’ mix from the concert last week

December 18th, 2011

Water techno v1 by thereverseengineer

Concept mixer for the Royal Society of Edinburgh

December 5th, 2011

One of the many “extras” this semester included the development of a concept mixer engine for the opening of the RSE’s (Royal Society of Edinburgh) launch of their Young Academy on the 29th November 2011. Keywords from the academics involved are mixed against sounds made by sound designers and images gathered from google images. Thanks to Matt Collings for generating this documentation of the project;

The RSE concept engine by Martin Parker, Matthew Collings, Mauricio Escamilla, Varun Nair and Evan Holm.

Watch this

November 22nd, 2011

Varun and Gervais making a noise

Andy Farnell is here again

November 11th, 2011

Procedural audio pioneer Andy Farnell has been in Edinburgh again presenting brilliant workshops on procedural audio techniques to students on the MSc Sound Design. Whilst here, he also generously gave a superb and inspirational talk on the journey towards publishing is ground-breaking book Designing Sound at Edinburgh’s This Happened.  Thanks Andy, see you next year!

Please Use The Tramps Provided – WIP

October 14th, 2011

Please Use The Tramps Provided – Excerpt 03 from pixelmechanic on Vimeo.

Microfiche – by Sound Design research student David Butler

October 12th, 2011

Presented last year at the Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Arts at the University Of Minnesota.


Don’t forget to check out sonicMash where more work by Sound Designers can be found, such as this by Fiona Keenan;

and this by Marco Saez;


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From Martin~
Tue, 12:00 pm

this is useful information film/sound people: http://duc.avid.com/showthread.php?t=212057

From Martin~
Wed, 11:04 am

edinburgh looking beautiful in stop motion & time lapse https://vimeo.com/48399336

From Lauren
Sun, 12:45 pm

MaxHelp, Anybody able and willing to help with a max patch? Some beer tokens available:) 1)It will retrieve a textfile from the web using jit.uldl 2)that file will contain a list (order) of .mov files {and perhaps timing info} 3)playback of those file from the local drive (like a playlist)whenever the textfile is updated. give me a line harrywhalley@gmail.com if you are willing. thanks, H

From Harry
Fri, 01:58 pm

Hey guys, bit of a panic here but my mac just died... does anyone have an OSX boot disk?

From charlie
Tue, 10:07 am

Selling my Edirol PCR 800 midi controller. £120, email yannseznec at gmail if you're interested: http://yfrog.com/odi88djdj

From Yann
Fri, 01:32 pm

Some procedural discussion + I got asked about our DMSP on the new game audio podcast! http://www.gameaudiopodcast.com/?p=493

From Varun
Sun, 09:11 pm

Neil Armstrong 1930 - 2012 http://abcnews.go.com/WNT/video/remembering-neil-armstrong-17080977

From Ramsay
Sun, 10:24 am

Not oging to make my studio 1 booking but can't delete it, so it's free...

Thu, 12:51 pm

This is tonight everyone. We hope you can make it. 7.30pm in the Atrium. Digital Composition and Performance End of Year Performance 2012 Programme Notes Field Music 11 field music 11 is from a series of works through which I place myself in a relationship to the sonic environment as a composer/performer. Donato Wharton >(0)< piece for live electronics and voice. Stephen Paterson (Interval) hARdCOre a piece for violin, bowed banjo and live electronics. Lorcan Doherty Algorhythms A sonic journey through an imagined landscape using generative Euclidean patterns as a rhythmic framework. Dave House

From DCPers
Wed, 12:47 pm

Robot baby http://youtu.be/GjwXjqSuBZw

From Pascal
Wed, 10:53 am

Hi, there I am Jogger from MSc Composition for Screen, and I am preparing our programme screening event on 25th in Atrium. My project is a little bit ambitious, since I need a xbox and a good Battlefield player to corporate with my adaptive music lively for the screening. In an other word, my music is not fixed, and will accompany with the video game accordingly. I have already finished all the music and the mission I composed for is this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VojzxXzA3N4&list=PLBF3CB8E174D3B1B4&index=6&feature=plpp_video If you 1, have a xbox 2, have the battle field 3 game disc 3, can play this mission in less that 30 minute! Please let me know and I will just use them on 25th of August~ joggerxiong@gmail.com Thank you very much! Best wishes, Jogger

From Jogger
Mon, 11:27 am

I've had to reschedule my session from this afternoon to this evening so studio 1 is free until 4pm if anyone wants in.

From charlie
Mon, 06:18 am

Hello everyone! I will be starting Sound Design in september and I have recently found a flat on Polwarth Gardens and I am currently looking for a housemate. Rent is good and so is the company. If you would be interested or know anyone who is feel free to contact me: andreas0miranda@gmail.com

From Andreas
Sun, 10:55 am

Congratulations to everyone, we did it!

From Michael
Fri, 06:40 pm

WIP on Flickr